Psychologists launch website blocking software

A team of clinical psychologists in Iceland have designed a new Internet safety and parental control program to make time spent online more secure and productive.

Responsible Surfing offers state-of-the-art parental control software for children, as well as the whole family. The software comes in an easy-to-use interface and allows parents to block or filter websites, control the amount of time spent on the Internet and limit online gaming, shopping and chatting.

The new website blocking software has been developed in response to research carried out by clinical psychologists in Iceland on Internet crime and addictions. The psychologists-turned-software designers have extensive experience in dealing with various online addictions such as gaming, chatting and gambling, and have also worked in prisons to understand how sexual predators work.

Responsible Surfing will help parents who want to protect their children from online predators, pornography and unhealthy Internet addictions before they start. The package also comes with privacy protection software to keep personal information secure from potential hackers.
Responsible Surfing is the only website blocking software to offer all these options in one package. The software is available in three editions; home, school and business with prices starting from just $39.99.

For more information on Responsible Surfing software and to download a 15 day free trial visit:

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