American murder trail may move to Iceland

A murder trial currently underway in Washington DC is considering moving to Iceland in order to accommodate an Icelandic witness who does not wish to travel in order to testify.

The witness is a citizen of Iceland and was in a relationship with Calvin Hill who is currently accused of murdering Ashley Turner, a US airwoman, on the Keflavík military base on August 14 2005. Both airman were stationed in Iceland at the time of the murder, however the trial began April 16 in the United States.

Hill, a 21-year-old man from Ohio, is facing charges of premeditated murder, obstruction of justice, false statements, absence without leave and theft. The Air Force has alleged that Hill stole $2,800 from Ashley Turner using her PIN number and debit card, then killed her in order to avoid being charged with the theft in a court-martial in Keflavik.

Turner’s mother, Lisa, saw the room where Ashley died. “Until I saw that scene, it didn’t hit me that, no, Ashley’s not coming home,” said Lisa Turner.

The trial has been suspended until the issue of the woman’s testimony and the trial’s location can be resolved. Until then, Hill is being held at Quantico Marine Corps Base, Virginia. If he is found guilty of murder, he could face the death penalty.