Iceland gets Harry Potter first

Because of the time difference between Europe and Iceland, bookstores in Reykjavik? have been? selling the newest Harry Potter book one hour before the rest of the stores on the Continent.

The book is the seventh and last in the popular series by British author J.K. Rowling. Entitled ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, the book? comes out in stores around the world? today. At three Mál og Menning and Eymundsson stores in Iceland the sale began at 23:01 last night – an hour before the rest of mainland Europe.

On Feburary 1st this year, when the publication date? was announced, the book had already reached, Barnes and Noble’s bestselling top spots within 3 hours. Amazon, Barnes and Noble both claim that more orders have been made for Harry’s latest book than have been made than any other book in history. The book’s publisher, Scholastic, said that the size of the first run of books is unprecedented. They will begin distributing 12 million copies.

Like previous Harry Potter books, readers should expect a hefty package. The British edition is 608 pages, while in the United States it will be 784 pages.

While the children of Iceland? were able to get their hands on copies before anyone else, it? was the children in the UK who? had the pleasure of the author’s company. J.K. Rowling signed books at the Natural History museum in London at midnight? last night,? giving away 500 free books and reading from the newest story in the series.