Activists target Icelandic consulate in Edinburgh

On the morning of July 20th, environmental protesters vandalised the Icelandic consulate in Edinburgh.

The steps of the consulate were covered in red and yellow paint and the words ‘Iceland Bleeds’ were scrawled on the stairs. In addition, the group glued the lock at the consulate’s entrance and left a sign at the scene of the crime reading; ‘The World is Watching.’

Saving Iceland, a group of environmental activists, took responsibility for the incident, claiming that it was done in retaliation to recent acts of police brutality against protesters in Iceland.

A statement from the organisation read; “We are sending a clear message to the Icelandic government that the destruction of unique ecosystems has environmental implications for us all. The repression of those who are opposing these destructive mega-projects is unacceptable. In the context of the current climate crisis we must all take responsibility for the destruction of our planet by criminal corporations such as Alcoa. The whole world is watching”.

On July 14th videos captured images of Icelandic police throwing non-violent protesters to the ground in Reykjavik. They kicked and punched other participants in a protest called ‘Reclaim the Streets’ in downtown Reykjavik. Five protesters were taken into custody by the police, one with a broken rib. The protest was part of a larger summer-long camp which invites activists from all around the world to come to Iceland.

Police are conducting their own investigation into the incident.