New fund encourages further education in nursing and midwifery

On June 29th the Ingibjörg R. Magnúsdóttir Research Fund became Iceland’s first fund available for students wishing to persue advanced university studies in the fields of nursing and midwifery. The new fund will be available for students entering into Masters and PhD programs at the University of Iceland.

Although Ingibjörg R. Magnúsdóttir founded the fund, the amount available has increased significantly through the donations of many private individuals. Contributions were made by the Midwife Association of Iceland, the Ministry of Health, Glitnir Bank and the Institute of Research in Nursing. In addition, Magnúsdóttir’s brother’s grandson, Magnús F. Gudrúnarson, donated to the cause. Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir, who has a doctorate in nursing also coordinated many donations from private individuals.

The new fund is part of Magnúsdóttir’s ongoing campaign to strengthen the study of nursing in Iceland. She contributed to the founding of the nursing department in 1973 at the University of Iceland and at one time she was also the director of the department. Still a nurse, Magnúsdóttir now works as an office director at the Ministry for Health.

The University of Iceland first offered a Masters program in 1998 and a PhD in nursing and midwifery in 2005. The new fund should enable more students to continue their studies in these programs.