Iceland Express allow passengers to queue-jump

Until September, passengers flying with the Iceland Express will be able to bypass security lines at Stansted Airport and make even better time between the UK and Iceland.

The promotion is designed to highlight just how close Iceland is to Europe and just how quickly travelers can leave Britain and be in the land of fire and ice. The normal flight time between Stansted and Keflavik is 2.5 hours.Iceland Express has arranged for free Fast Track passes for all of its guests throughout the summer.

The CEO of Iceland Express, Matthías Imsland commented, “Iceland Express is all about our passengers having an enjoyable and efficient journey. It’s easy to get to Stansted and now we made it even easier to get from check-in to our aircraft.”

Imsland explained that the fast tracking system is usually a privilege of business class travellers only. Officials at Iceland Express thought opening the system up to all of their passengers might entice them to explore Iceland.

“Holiday makers with young children will particularly appreciate being able to go straight through security and this will give them a great start to their holiday,” Imsland added. “Iceland is a unique family destination and there are loads of activities to do when you get here. It is only a short flight from Stansted and then you arrive somewhere totally different”

Iceland Express is a low fare airline based at Keflavik International Airport, near Reykjavik. The airline serves 13 airports in Germany, France, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.