Fish, Food and Fashion: Glitnir Bank offers Expertise and Finance in Niche UK Sectors

Glitnir Bank has launched its UK marketing campaign in a bid to raise its profile in the UK and attract customers from niche business sectors.

Outside Glitnir´s Nordic homeland, few have heard of the corporate and investment bank, Glitnir. To tackle this Glitnir have this week unveiled adverts to boost its brand awareness and profile in the UK. Glitnir’s adverts, to be shown in business and retail publications and websites, feature shots of various objects set on plain white backgrounds. One shows a long twisted eel-like fish with the words „LIKE BANKING: ONLY FLEXIBLE“.

The choice of fish is fitting due to Glitnir‘s home markets of Iceland and Norway, whose economies are heavily dependent on fishing. Glitnir is unusual in the UK as it has experts in niche sectors such as seafood / food manufacturing, fashion retail and private equity / leveraged finance. The bank offers both financing solutions and expertise for projects in these areas, companies that Glitnir will be targeting in the UK.

Glitnir Bank is the first to embark on a major advertising campaign in the UK. The strategy behind the marketing campaign is to highlight Glitnir´s unique approach to corporate banking. Glitnir claims that by bringing to the UK a positive approach to business and ´can-do´ attitude, it will set it miles apart from the usual UK banks. The Nordic bank is also capitalising on its comparatively diminutive size, saying it can be faster and more flexible than its competitors.

Apart from the UK, Glitnir has offices in Luxembourg, Canada, Shanghai, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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