Icelandic Company Femin Gets a Technical Boost for their UK Site

Icelandic online retailer femin will partner with Nordic eMarketing for a technical review of the British version of their web site. The retailer’s site serves as a women’s forum with discussion topics like relationships, health, and sex.

Founded six years ago by two Icelandic women, femin offers information, entertainment, and products geared toward women between the ages of 20 and 45 years old. Described as, “a safe zone for women to interact on the Internet,” the site contains e-mail lists and chat rooms in various categories where women can share information and advice.   

Femin’s mission has been very well received. Since their launch, the company has steadily grown in popularity and reach, adding an English version to better serve a wider audience of women. Their market-leading specialty products, practical advice, and no-nonsense encouragement have been welcomed by women the world over. 

Nordic eMarketing is excited to support femin in evaluating their presence on the web, and to help them make the most of future Internet efforts. Centered on the use of IndexTools tracking software, the company will offer femin real-time analysis of where visitors are going and what they are doing while browsing their site. The advanced software allows all of the tracking to be done without downloads, and the information that is gathered can be monitored at any time, giving femin insight into the strengths and unrealized opportunities of their web design.

More information about the use of IndexTools software and other Internet optimization techniques can be found at Femin maintains the British version of their web site at

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