Icelandic Prime Minister Helps Marketing Company Expand its Business to the Faroe Islands

At the invitation of the Icelandic Prime Minister, Geir Haarde, business delegates from the Faroe Islands have been exploring investment opportunities in Iceland for the past week. The Faroese delegation was led by Faroe Islands Prime Minster Joannes Eidesgaard and Bjarni Djurholm the Minister of Trade and Industry.

In addition to the dignitaries, representatives from over 20 of the top Faroese businesses came to Iceland to familiarize themselves with Icelandic business practices and build mutually beneficial relationships. As a recognized leader in the field of online marketing, Nordic eMarketing has met with over half of the business and government representatives, with more meetings scheduled to close out the week.

This most recent trip is just the start of what looks to be an ongoing business relationship between the two Atlantic island nations. Next month, a delegation from the Faroese Tourism Board will meet with the Icelandic Board of Tourism to discuss how each country could benefit from an expanded relationship. This delegation has also scheduled a meeting with Nordic eMarketing in anticipation of further promoting themselves online.

The Faroe Islands are made up of an archipelago of 18 islands in the Atlantic, midway between Iceland and Norway. With a population of roughly 40,000 people, the economy is heavily dependant on the fisheries industry. However, these limitations haven’t stopped the Faroe Islands from aggressively pursuing new opportunities including tourism, telecommunication, and even oil exploration.

More information about Nordic eMarketing and the round of meetings can be found at Nordic eMarketing’s website, Visitors will find information about the firm’s ongoing projects, upcoming seminars and conferences, and their new techniques for successful online promotion.