Woman with epilepsy robbed during seizure

shutterstock_3445313A Södermalm police commander expressed his shock on Twitter after a Stockholm woman in her 40s was robbed while unconscious during an epileptic seizure. The incident took place on Magnus Ladulåsgatan at about 21:30 on 15 April.

During a Metro newspaper interview, Södermalm police commander Viktor Adolphson said, “She had barely made it out of the door when she collapsed.” Adolphson also said the woman found her wallet was missing after a five minute epileptic seizure which left her unconscious.

“She had made a transaction just before,” Adolphson said during another interview with the Aftonbladet newspaper. “This is sort of a low watermark. I’ve seen a lot of crime in my days, but it never ceases to amaze me how low people can sink.”

Adolphson said the woman’s wallet contained a lot of cash just before the robbery, which she said she could not remember. As the area contains no  surveillance cameras, the police have little to work with when it comes to describing the potential suspect.

Adolphson, however, posted his own description of the subject on his official Twitter account. “Woman had an epileptic seizure on the street. Then someone came and stole her wallet. Description: lacking in compassion and morals. Otherwise unknown.”

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