Poll: less than 25% of Icelanders support ruling coalition

Johanna_Sigurdardottir01New figures have shown that less than a quarter of Iceland’s voters support the country’s ruling coalition. According to a MMR Research report published on Friday 8 February, fewer than 12 weeks ahead of a landmark election for the North Atlantic nation, only 24.8 percent of Icelanders back the sitting Social Democrat and Left Green government, with 16.2 percent and 8.6 percent behind each party respectively.

Meanwhile, about a third (33 percent) has proclaimed support for the Independence Party, whist A Bright Future, Iceland’s newest political group, has the backing of 17.8 percent of the country.

The Progressive Party currently holds the second largest support group behind the Independence Party, with the backing of about 19.5 percent of Icelanders.

The election, which comes amid an economic recovery that has been dubbed ‘impressive’ by the International Monetary Fund’s top official, is set to take place on 27 April.

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