Foreigners, students & Jutland residents fuel growth in Copenhagen

copenhagen coat of armsImmigrants, students and migrating residents from Jutland are the primary forces behind continued growth in the Danish capital, new research has shown. The news comes via a new report from Politiken Research, which said that nearly half of some 10,000 people moving to Copenhagen each year hail from Poland, the United States, Sweden and Germany.

In addition, officials said that the growth rate is unsurprising because the city is now seeing two births pert death.

Young adults are among the fastest growing demographic in the capital, as about 11,000 individuals aged from 15 to 29 became new Copenhagen residents in 2012. More than a third of those came from Jutland’s provincial areas, notably Aarhus and Horsens.

Meanwhile, other areas of Denmark are seeing an influx of visitors from afar as well; the Education Ministry’s latest report showed that international student enrolment is up at universities across the country.

Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen told reporters that the rise in population proves that the city’s promotional efforts to bring in more students have been fruitful.

He said, “It shows that the focus that Copenhagen has had over the past decade to attract more international students has worked. We need international students and business people to help create growth and jobs in Denmark,” the MetroXpress news agency reports.