Sarah Jessica Parker held up at Oslo Airport

Sarah J ParkerActress Sarah Jessica Parker and her entourage appear to have had an unexpected slip up at Oslo Airport last week. The American and her crew were set to leave the Norwegian capital after attending the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. But their departure was put on hold when one member of the crew stole something in one of the airport’s retail outlets.

A spokesperson said on behalf of Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport, “I can confirm a member of Sarah Jessica Parker’s entourage was blocked from getting on a plane for stealing sunglasses,” reports.

However, the ordeal was resolved quickly enough to allow the actress and her team to be on their way shortly after: “She accepted the fine of NOK 8,000 (EUR 1,083) and was let go,” the spokesperson told the media.

Early reports suggested that the thief was the personal assistant of Mrs Parker, but a statement later released by Nobel officials discredited the claim.

A Nobel spokesman said, “This individual is not an employee of and has no connection to the Nobel Institute, which awards the Peace Prize and presents the Peace Prize Concert. She is a freelance make-up artist who was contracted by an outside agency that specializes in that area.”

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