Häkämies steps down as Finnish economic affairs minister

Jyri Häkämies has resigned as Finland’s economic affairs minister to take on the top role at the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

The announcement from the National Coalition Party member came on Friday (9 November); the party later confirmed that former housing minister Jan Vapaavuori would take over Häkämies’ post as minister of economic affairs, effective within a week.

Häkämies decision to head the major industrial organisation comes in the wake of the dismissal its former director general, Mikko Pukkinen, who served with the group for only a year-and-a-half. Häkämies will take the reins on 19 November, according to the YLE news agency.

Mr Häkämies has been part of Finland’s parliament since 2007. He served as the minister of defence until 2011, and also oversaw government-backed companies.

His replacement, Vapaavuori, worked as the minister of housing between from 2007 and 2010 and was the most popular candidate in the latest municipal election, with about 7,800 votes on record.