Reykjavik mayor Jon Gnarr enjoys less support than a year ago

Around 47 percent of Reykjavik residents are dissatisfied with the work of Mayor Jon Gnarr, a new opinion poll suggests.

According to the new poll from Stod 2 and, 47 percent of respondents felt Gnarr is doing quite badly or very badly as mayor.

28 percent of respondents believed he was doing quite well or very well and 25 percent had no strong opinion either way. He is more popular among men (31 percent support, versus 25 percent among women). The poll was carried out among 800 people on the 8th September.

It is a year since Jon Gnarr’s Best Party won 35 percent of votes in the municipal election to become the biggest party in Reykjavik — a protest vote and major upset to the traditional political parties. The Best Party got six councillors and was able to form a majority coalition with the Social Democrats.

Last week another opinion poll, conducted by MMR, claimed that 62 percent of Icelanders were unhappy with the mayor. Jon Gnarr chose to see the bright side; celebrating the fact that 38 percent of people are happy with his work.

“38 percent of Icelanders happy with my work! This is great. I view this as an appeal from the countryside,” the mayor wrote on his popular Facebook blog in a clear nod to the chorus of people calling for the Best Party to run in the next national elections.

The results from MMR show a collapse in support for the comedian mayor; as in August last year the same poll showed that only 22.4 percent of respondents were unhappy with his work. The Best Party’s so-called Popularity Auditing Committee met after the poll results came out and decided that, on balance, the results show that people all over Iceland are generally happy with the job Jon Gnarr is doing. The committee also decided that it seems like an increasingly good idea for the party to run for the next national parliamentary elections, and has sent a letter of intent to the electoral commission, DV reported.

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