Car crashes into sea, woman dies

A car was winched out of the sea in Southwest Iceland yesterday. After the car was brought ashore, the body of a dead woman was found inside.

The operation to remove the car from the sea happened at around 14.00 yesterday near the street of Hrannargata in Reykjanesbaer. The 4×4 vehicle was described as being in a bad way and many volunteer search & rescue workers attended the scene.

Members of the public were not allowed near the scene and police are not making public statements, as the case is under investigation, DV reports.

The Sudurnes police did, however, confirm that the body of a woman was found in the car, adding that the case has been passed on to detectives.

Eye witnesses said that the car was badly damaged, but media reports are unclear about how and when the car got into the sea. A simple road traffic accident would seem to be the most obvious explanation; but further information is not yet available.

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