Blown-up boulders batter Bolungarvik

Rocks and stones rained over the town of Bolungarvik this morning in the Westfjords of Iceland. The dangerous downpour was caused by routine dynamiting in the course of building avalanche protection barriers for the town’s wintertime safety.

The flying rocks crashed down on house roofs and gardens, causing damage including broken windows and holes in roof plates.

Elin Ragnarsdottir from Bolungarvik told DV it was a huge relief nobody was hurt. “They have been dynamiting here at the avalanche barrier site and this time rocks crashed down on several houses in the higher part of town. There are several damaged roofs and my neighbour’s window was smashed. I do not, however, know of any injuries to people, which is a great relief. There were some pretty big rocks, all the way from fist-sized down to soil,” Ragnarsdottir said. Before explosions happen, a warning horn is always blown. However, on this occasion, the rocks and soil hitting the town turned out to be much louder.

The engineering company Osafl is working on the avalanche barrier construction and was behind the explosion this morning. DV was unable to reach a company spokesperson. The local police say that something clearly went wrong and are now in the affected area assessing the damage.

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(Photo: Brad Houldcroft)

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