Round-Iceland charity runners expected home today

“We still haven’t weighed ourselves, but we have probably lost a few kilos,” says Sveinn Benedikt Rognvaldsson, one of the four people who have been running the round-Iceland ring road over the last two weeks.

The group is made up of two couples, as previously reported on IceNews. They spent last nights at Hvalfjordur, just north of Reykjavik and plan to arrive back in the capital city today at around 15.00.

The name of the ambitious challenge is “As long as my feet carry me” and the idea is to raise money for children with cancer. Rognvaldsson, and his wife Signy Gunnarsdottir’s, son wsa diagnosed with leukaemia in January last year when he was three.

The runners are sharing the burden, each having run around 25 kilometres per day; making a group total of 100km. Rognvalsson says they have been through a lot together since jogging happily out of town on the 2nd June.

“We found ourselves in completely crazy weather on Modrudalsoraefi and when we woke up the next morning there was a 10cm deep layer of snow all around,” he told “And then one of us is grappling against an injury; so there have been various things. The group is a little tired, but otherwise it has gone to plan.”

Sveinn and Signy say they were never prolific runners and only really started training this winter when they decided to go ahead with the project.

The group will have run 1,300 kilometres in total and it is hoped they will arrive at the Vodafone Stadium at 15.00 today, where Reykjavik mayor Jon Gnarr will welcome them home. “There are some people planning to run the last kilometres with us, Sveinn says — and everybody can follow their progress home on their own website, here. The website also allows for donations to the cause — nearly ISK 10 million (EUR 60,125) has already been given.