Icelandic aeroplane crash lands in Greenland

An Air Iceland Dash 8 plane has crash landed at Nuuk Airport. The aircraft is severely damaged but all on board escaped unharmed.

The flight from Reykjavik came in to land at around 13.00 local time yesterday in the Greenlandic capital. The accident is being blamed on strong winds which put the plane off balance at a crucial moment. The Dash 8 skidded off the runway and came to a standstill near a cliff. There is significant damage to the left wing and the right-hand landing gear, KNR reported.

All 34 people on board escaped the crash unharmed and were ushered inside the airport terminal for emergency counselling. Many were openly weeping, according to Sermitsiaq.

Sermitsiaq managed to speak to a passenger on his way to the terminal. He said he thought the decision to land was a strange one because the wind was buffeting the plane so much on the approach. He said that he thought it would have been better to go round for another attempt — adding that it was hard to walk against the wind when he got off the plane.

So far the pilots have not spoken to the media. Air Iceland sources say an investigation is underway. All flights in and out of Nuuk were suspended following the crash.

(Photo: Jørgen Boassen /