Icesave opposition presents petition

The third and latest Icesave repayment plan may be more popular in Iceland than its predecessors, but opposition to the bill is well-organised and presented its petition this morning.

The 14 people behind a petition against the Icesave bill presented their first collection of online signatures this morning in Reykjavik’s National Culture House. The signatures have been collected on the website (let’s vote) and nearly 12,000 people have signed so far.

The statement people are lending their support to is: “I encourage Althingi (parliament) to reject the bill on the state guarantee for Landsbanki’s Icesave accounts. I also call upon the President of Iceland, Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, to refuse to pass the bill into law, should it be passed by Althingi. I want the nation to decide this matter.”

Among the fourteen people behind the petition are Baldur Agustsson, former presidential candidate and Jon Valur Jensson, theologian, reported.

At this stage it still seems most likely that the bill will be passed by Althingi — but whether the president will pass the bill or send it to a referendum is impossible to say. 12,000 signatures are unlikely to sway him either way; but a number nearer to 30,000 might make an impact.

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