Joke political party set to whitewash Reykjavik election?

reykjavik1The Best Party, a joke/protest party set up in advance of Iceland’s upcoming local elections, is now the most popular party in Reykjavik and would get six councillors elected if voting was today, according to a new opinion poll.

According to the MMR poll which was conducted on behalf of the Independence Party, the Best Party enjoys the support or around 36 percent of voters in the Icelandic capital, which would give them six councillors. The Independence Party has around 36 percent support and five councillors. The Social Democrats received 18 percent support, allowing three councillors and the Left Greens would get one councillor for their 11 percent support.

The Progressive Party are predicted to receive three percent of votes in Reykjavik and all others under one percent combined.

Around 16 percent of respondents said they are still undecided, reports.

The top six candidates for the Best Party, who would all get elected if this opinion poll proves correct, are Jon Gnarr, actor and comedian; Einar Orn Benediktsson, musician; Ottar Proppe, musician; Elsa Yeoman, Karl Sigurdsson and Eva Einarsdottir. After them on the list come Magnus Hjaltason, architect, and Margret Kristin Blondal, musician.

According to the same opinion poll, 70 percent of Reykjavik residents believe current mayor of Reykjavik, Hanna Birna Kristjansdottir has done quite well or very well in her role.

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