Investigators preparing Landsbanki white collar crime report

landsbankiPall Benediktsson, spokesman for the Landsbanki resolution committee, says that a special investigations team at the auditing company Deloitte has been preparing a report into alleged misconduct at Landsbanki before the crash in autumn 2008.

“There they have professional bookkeeping investigators doing much the same as Kroll for Glitnir. They will hand in their report on their investigation at the next bank creditors’ meeting on 27th May,” Benediktsson told

Asked if the information will be made public, he said journalists will be welcome to ask resolution committee board members questions about the reports after the meeting finishes just like any other issue. He said that journalists have always had good access to the bank’s wind-up and resolution committees and that that will continue.

Benediktsson is unhappy at an article published this week on saying that the Landsbanki committee constantly drags its feet on communicating openly compared to its Kaupthing and Glitnir counterparts. He said it is simply not true that the committee has been withholding information.

“We have sent many cases on to the FME (financial regulator) since the resolution committee took over the bank’s bankrupt estate,” Benediktsson said. “But we don’t know what the FME has then done with those cases since.”

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