Plane crash in East Iceland

kort_austurland480_ferdavisirA fatal plane crash happened yesterday afternoon in Iceland when a four-seat Cessna 180 aeroplane crash landed near Vopnafjordur in East Iceland.

The plane, TF-GUN, was built in 1963 and was carrying two passengers at the time of the crash. One man in his forties died.

The other, a man in his fifties, was flown by helicopter to Reykjavik with serious injuries. His condition is not yet publicly known.

The plane had just taken off from Vopnafjordur and its flight plan had it scheduled to land at Tungubakkaflugvollur Airfield near Mosfellsbaer (Reykjavik region) at 18.00 yesterday evening. Shortly after takeoff, Reykjavik Air Traffic Control received word from the emergency services that the plan had crashed. The crash happened when the plane flew into power lines, reports.

The Fire Brigade and Search & Rescue team were called out from Vopnafjordur, as well as police. Representatives of the Icelandic Aircraft Accident Investigation Board were on the scene before 21.00.

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