“Not our responsibility”: Reykjavik protest speaker

mbl.is/ÓmarThe weekly protests at Austurvollur Square in Reykjavik are now beginning their tenth week. Yesterday’s protest rally (number nine) went ahead peacefully, without a single egg being thrown at the parliament building.

Two speakers took to the stage to demand new elections and the resignation of the boards of the central bank and the FME national financial regulatory body.

Police estimates that only 1,000 to 1,500 people attended the protest mean that yesterday’s was the smallest rally since the movement started snowballing in mid October. Organisers will have to wait until next Saturday to find out whether the blustery weather was the sole reason for the low turn out.

“The responsibility is not ours, but rather the nation’s politicians,” speaker Gerdur Kristny said in her speech to the protest. “We must continue to demand answers from them on how our financial system went to the dogs – and let them take the responsibility to ensure it never happens again!”

The protest is scheduled to take place again next Saturday afternoon, and the protest movement now has a headquarters open to the public at Borgartun 3. www.raddirfolksins.org is the organisation’s new website address.

(photo: mbl.is/Ómar)

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